Residential Inspection Services

We offer homeowners and potential homeowners visual structural inspection & evaluation services in the following categories:

  • Foundation Evaluations
  • Entire home structural evaluation
  • Foundation and first floor framing evaluation
  • Crumbling Foundation Evaluation

These types of evaluations are often prompted by concerns of a home inspector during a pre-purchase inspection. A typical scope of services for a pre-sale / pre-purchase structural evaluation of an existing residence is as follows:

  • We will visit the property to visually assess the existing residential structure for signs of any significant structural damage and/or distress.

  • We will discuss with our client recommendations for repairs or further investigation if required.

  • We will provide a comprehensive written report documenting the observed conditions and discussing the possible structural significance of those observations, together with our general recommendations for possible remedial measures.

  • If desired, we will calculate and provide an opinion of probable cost for any recommended repairs.

Note actual specification and design of repairs is NOT a part of this phase of services, but is often the next logical step.

We also commonly offer homeowners the following design, inspection & evaluation services in the following categories:

  • Damage assessment and evaluations
  • Second Floor Feasibility Studies
  • Bearing wall determination / Design for removal



SAMPLE- Foundation Inspection Report.pdf

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