A Legacy of Excellence

The name Torello has been associated with excellence in engineering for over 50 years.

Founded in 1981 by George Torello Jr., P.E. with the assistance of Gary E. Torello, the firm of George Torello Engineers, P.C. provided comprehensive engineering services through 2016, the year which George passed away leaving behind an engineering firm with a rich history of engineering innovation and construction successes.

Built on the legacy of George Torello Jr.,P.E., we reorganized our personnel and resources as Torello Engineers and continue to provide world class engineering services with an improved vision, direction and attention to client needs.

In his absence, the framework, experience, and capabilities of the firm remain, utilized on those projects that benefit from this unique set of qualifications and expertise:

With much of the country's infrastructure and buildings reaching critical age and condition, this firm is in the unique position to assist our clients in the arduous task of inspecting, evaluating, and prolonging the useful life of aging facilities through innovative investigative, design, repair and construction services.

We are actively looking for challenging projects and new or renewed client relationships.

  • Existing Structure Evaluations and Condition Surveys
  • Failure Investigations
  • Rehabilitative Design
  • Innovative Design Solutions
  • Engineering Education
  • Construction Administration
  • Inspection Services

Please call us at 860-767-7075 to discuss how we may be of service or to simply chat about our new direction and capabilities for future consideration.

Our Commitment

I would like to set forth the guiding principles that will form the basis of our relationship with both new and existing clients alike:

  1. Provision of quality engineering, evaluation and inspection services.
  2. Adherence to a mutually agreed upon scope of services.
  3. A commitment to budget and client financial considerations.

Thank You,

Gary E. Torello

What's Been Said


"The team has an incredible attention to detail and I feel like we got the critical information we need to make a good decision on an old house"


"Their [foundation] report was very detailed and covered everything from the current problems to exactly what to do to fix them. I couldn't be more pleased and would recommend them highly."


"Well organized, and prioritized what I need to get done. I am so glad I had that inspection done and would use them again."


"I fully recommend the services of Torello Engineers. They were professional, organized, and responsive. They also showed a clear ability to communicate complex engineering concepts so that they could be understood."