Design Services

Commercial Design Services

We provide structural designs for mutli-story buildings, retaining walls, small bridges, towers, and waterfront structures. Our designs take into account all of the provisions required by the latest building codes, FEMA requirements for shorefront structures, etc. Our Engineers have a wealth of experience in foundation designs for large and small structures alike.

Residential Design Services

We determine all of the loading conditions including snow, wind, deadloads, and if it's a shorefront property, the additional wave forces on the residence. Then we design the foundation whether it's conventional, reinforced concrete or piers as well as framing and other structural components. In some cases it's necessary to use deep foundation systems such as wood piles, concrete piles, or helical piles. We work directly with architects to provide an aesthetically pleasing and economical solution.

Common design services include such tasks as: Framing design, Determining and removing load bearing walls, Expansions, Dormer design

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