We offer commercial facility owners, managers and potential buyers design, structural inspection & evaluation services in the following categories:

  • Problem Investigation
  • Rehabilitative Design
  • Structural Surveys for Prospective Facility Buyers and Existing Facility Owners
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Design and Design Review


We offer homeowners and potential homeowners design and visual structural inspection & evaluation services in the following categories:

  • Foundation Evaluations
  • Entire home structural evaluations
  • Foundation and first floor framing evaluations
  • Damage assessment and evaluations
  • Second Floor Feasibility Studies
  • Bearing wall determination / Design for removal
  • Design and Design Review Services


Often called upon to investigate and resolve common and not-so-common issues in various structures such as:

  • Building settlement
  • Cracked, bowing or displaced foundation walls
  • Sloping floors
  • Determination of insect damaged framing
  • Interior cracks and signs of building movement
  • Failing, split, and deflected structural beams

Storefront Structural Repairs Roof Capacity Analysis

Existing Structures Experts

With much of the country's infrastructure and buildings reaching critical age and condition, this firm is in the unique position to assist our clients in the arduous task of inspecting, evaluating, and prolonging the useful life of aging facilities through innovative investigative, design, and related engineering services.


Gary Torello

The guiding principles that form the basis of our relationships with both new and existing clients alike are:

  1. Provision of quality engineering, evaluation and inspection services.
  2. Adherence to a mutually agreed upon scope of services.
  3. A commitment to budget and client financial considerations.

Gary E. Torello, Principal