Structural Flaws Seminar

Seminar Content:

At this seminar, the speakers showed actual construction photos that helped to identify flawed structures. If we can spot flaws in structures before the heavy snows or hurricane winds come about, we can possibly prevent structures from catastrophic failures. This seminar was a benefit to anyone who was interested in structural integrity.

Focus was directed to:

1. Wood Truss Problems
2. Reinforced Concrete Structures

3. Welding Aluminum Connections
4. Residential Foundations
5. Structural Steel
6. Metal Connectors for Wood
7. The Building "Envelope"

Continuing Education Credit

4 Credit Hours Approved by the State of CT for Building Officials & Home InspectorsPresentations:

  • Lou Daviou, Simson Strong Tie -
    (Case Histories of many Structural Failures due to corroded and inadequate fasteners)
  • Howard Epstein, Professor from University of Connecticut – Historic Structural Failures and new Technology such as “Block Shear”
  • George Torello, PE, NAFE -
    (New Residential Code Requirements that can assist in the design, construction, and inspection of connections.)
Structural Flaws
Structural Flaws 2